Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today, I learned to live without Internet

Waking up this morning was weird. I grabbed my phone, wanted to check for some news on Twitter, WhatsApp, you name it. Full Wi-Fi. No internet connection.

Several retries later, still same result. After I went downstairs to check the Internet router. No Internet. Checking the splitter resulted in: No Internet.

Do I called my provider. Deutsche Telekom actually has a good reputation in customer service. At least they 're not as bad as the other internet providers. After spending some minutes in the waiting line and some more minutes, the first free available slot for a technician to come by is: next Friday. One week without internet. Hooray.

Okay, not really. It sucks. But on the other hand: I am kinda happy about the possibility to explore life without internet. I am forced to do so, yes. I did not choose it, yes. But I'm still a little bit thrilled about this possibility.

Instead of mindless surfing shopping websites, you would to do something else. Instead of watching YouTube, you would have to do something else. Instead of being absent minded with fluff, you would have to find a way to be absent minded with fluff you can touch, like books.

Frankly, this is just a mere fantasy. Instead of lonely surfing the Internet, I fantasize about being Super Dad, having the deepest relationship with my wife ever possible, my understanding of my career material exploding, learning to play the guitar and become fluent in Russian and Japanese within this week, just because of the lack of the internet. Reality will be different. But reality will be great, nevertheless. I just have to take it as it is.

So, now, after having spent my first internet-free afternoon for weeks, I'll create myself an awesome, super delicious Cappuccino and will continue reading a book of my choice.

You need less than you think to be happy. And you need less than you think to be thankful.

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