Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So, what did I learn?

Today, perhaps the part, the only thing, that comes to my mind about stuff which I learned today about programming, is that Select2 does support a timeout, which first waits for a user to stop typing and fires the ajax call after that timeout. This is a really neat feature, since it prevents flooding the backend with a bunch of highly unspecific queries.

But there is a feeling of not really having anything new. Why? Yesterday I bragged about the little stuff, that adds up over time. And I still believe this. The problem with such very small increments, is that it's not hard to learn such small stuff. It's not really rare and hence, not really too valuable.

The really valuable and rare stuff is always outside one's comfort zone. And that makes it so rare, because only a few are willing to step out their comfort zone to learn new stuff.

For me, next to the problem of willingness, my problem is time management. When shall I learn all this great new stuff? How should I handle all those commitments in personal life, church, in your career, in your self development? I guess, only by refusing new commitments and slowly stepping out of existing ones.

So again, (I know, I repeat myself), time is the only real currency in your life. Choose wisely.

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  1. Wow, impressive. I like this way of thinking (somewhere between philosophical and intellectual) ;)
    My routine of today was close enough to understand, what you are talking about. But really?? Is that our only aim in life?
    I often have the impression that I'm addicted to computer science. Everything seems to be sooo cool and I don't want to go to bed, if I know I didn't learn enough today. But the universe around IT and CS is too large, to get everything in my/your/anyones' mind. So I have to accept, that it doesn't matter how much I know or don't know. Are you willing to resign the "essential things" to get more "cool stuff" in head? In the end the knowledge difference is quite small. But the things you'll miss because of that, are far more valuable.

    tl;dr: Is learning "cool stuff" the ONLY thing that matters?

    Be blessed!

    PS: sry for my english, it's late ;)