Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today I learned: I'm fine with not having learning anything today.

Today, still feeling sick, after short day at work, I stepped outside in my garden.
Not that I wanted to, I kinda had to. My youngest son wanted to get outside. My wife and the other two kids were away.

So I did some garden work and thought what I have learned today. And nothing came to my mind.
I did watch a tech talk. But my focus was somewhere else.
I did accomplish something at work today, but there was nothing new to me. Just applying known stuff.

So I was outside, thinking about the passing day, having an eye on my son and raking up the leaves in the garden. And fumbling with the leaves between the stones. There was nothing to be written about.

I heard the sound of a bunch of migrant birds up in the and invested some time of my short life to glaze at them while they were flying southwards. I guess, those were some geese. I love that sound. I love that formation flight. And yet, for the first time, their flight seemed not only elegant and wonderful, but also incredibly laborious. Laborious, yet elegant.

I returned to my work, making sure, my son is still playing in the sandbox.

Then it became clear to me:
Sometimes, it's just OK to be.

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