Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today I learned: Sometimes it's better to focus on work, not outcome

So today I tried out how it would work out for me, if I  would not focus on outcomes but one the work I do.

So I set up my calendar to the time I wanted to worked on those specific items.
And although I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, I feel way better than yesterday.

Why is that?
I simply did decide, that I don't want to focus on a specific outcome. I often entered some stuff like "Finish xyz" or "Get xyz to work".

And this resulted often in an emotional mess. Most days, I failed. Even on days, where I did accomplish much, I did not fully succeed, because there was still somewhere a item list, which has not been checked.

And today, I just decided: I don't care how far I go come with xyz, whether I finish it or not. I just don't care. I will work for one hour on that item. If I finish it: great! If not, no problem. There is still something left for tomorrow.

Realizing, that my to-do list will not be empty when I die, I can see my to-do list now in a more relaxed way. And the more relaxed I am viewing at my to-do list, the happier I can go to work. And the happier I go to work, the better the results I produce.

So, this small hack seems to work for me.

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