Friday, November 28, 2014

Today I learned: It's more important how you do it than what you do.

Today, I was pissed off. I kinda saw no point in what I was doing. Every thing I moved, annoyed me. I groaned. I was in really bad temper.

Later that day my wife told me, that she was disappointed in me. It used to be fun doing that kind of work, but today my bad mood created bad mood in her. This sucks. I was an idiot, once again.

So, I experienced today first hand, that what you say or do does not matter as much as how you say or do it.

If I communicated my feelings and my expectations better, without all that annoyances, without groaning, but with seeking of understanding for the other person.

If I would handle that situation in this way, it would have been a way better to spend the afternoon.

So, instead of being annoyed, think about what it could mean. I bet in most cases you are angry, because your standards or your expectations are not met. If this is the case, either reflect whether your expectations are adequate and if not, correct them. If you think, they are adequate, communicate them as soon as possible, immediately at best.

I think, that could work wonders.

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