Monday, November 10, 2014

Today I learned: It's OK to tell your kids to fight for themselves.

My son didn't want to go to kindergarten today. Why, I asked. He replied, that there was a boy, who hits him.
I looked him deep in the eyes and said to him: "If that boy hits you again, go tell the teacher. After that, if he hits you again, hit him back as hard as you can."

Then he was willing to put on his clothes and go to the kindergarten. I gave him a tool how to handle his situation.

As I wrote yesterday, we had a series of talks about relationships. The referee, a pastor, told a story about being harassed in a shower and being told, that he may not defense himself, because he is an pastor and that he must turn the other cheek. He replied, that Jesus said that to people, who were really far in their spiritual life. And that he is not sure, whether he is that far in his spiritual life. But that he is sure, that it will be not his blood, that will run the shower drain.

I believe, that having told my son to turn the other cheek would have caused big harm.
On one hand, the self-value, something I believe God himself has put in everybody, so also in my son, would have been damaged. This would be very sad.
On the other hand, the other boy, God knows which hurts his little soul has experienced, that he treats others this awful way, would not learn, that it's not good to beat other kids. And that would be very sad as well.

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