Saturday, November 8, 2014

Today I learned: My kids want to spend time with me.

I feel sick today. Not that much sick, that I would stay at home all day, but although I've got plenty of time today, I did not accomplish much.

But, given that hint by a good old friend, I asked my 5yo son, whether he thinks that I worked too much. He replied: "Yes, you work much. But there is something I considered: I want to help you with your work." I asked, how he thinks he could help me, he answered: "I would help you. I would help you changing the tires on our car."

Yesterday, I changed the tires on my car. The younger one helped me, tightening the screws. It was great.

Today, after that short conversation with my oldest son, he said to me, knowing that I feel sick, that I should lay down a little bit and that he will lay next to me an cuddle a little bit.

Right now, after about one hour of lying next to me, listening to some book I read to him, he stood up and went away to playing with some toys.

Kids, the older the less, do not need your attention full 24/7. They want to spend time with you. They want to feel loved, to be taken serious, to connect with the most important people up to now. And this is great. This means, that I can, even if I work much, even if I do not spend as much time with my kids as I liked to, I kinda can make up for this by having time dedicated only to them.

I did not accomplish much. But today, I accomplished some important things. And this is great.

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