Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Steps With Foundation

Today, I played a little bit with ZURB Foundation.
Although it's way too early to have a qualified opinion, I already recognized that I've made a major mistake: I've not used Sass.

My small hobby project is nowhere near completion (in fact, it's closer to not having started than to having something that's comparable to an mockup), so I think I'll start over.

What I like about Foundation so far:

  • The Off-Canvas flyout menu. In my opinion, the bootstrap responsive menu is ugly as hell. Whenever I can avoid using it, I avoid it. Foundation's Off-Canvas Navigation is sexy. Heck, it even provides multiple levels of indentation. That's a great reason to love it.
  • Another item I like is the integration of Joyride. You need something like that for your app, if your app is somewhat more complex than "Yo!". And I love if a framework makes something easy.
  • And I like the fact, that it makes customizing easier than Bootstrap does. I look forward where I can deliver my wonderfully styled app to the world with foundation.

What I don't like so far:

  • I have to learn it. ;)
  • And I missed some classes like pull-left, pull-right or text-center.

Maybe I just oversaw them.

Nevertheless, Foundation is the way to go for the next projects.
And having to learn Sass.

1 comment:

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