Saturday, November 1, 2014

Plenty of Internet and Writing Every Day

Last month, I tried to reduced my internet time. To keep it short: It's didn't care. After some days I just saw no point in downloading YouTube videos to watch them offline. I saw no point in deactivating my wifi to read that specific article just from the browsers window without being able to click on a link. I hated it first, Then I didn't give a ..
What I've learned anyway: I am dependend on the internet in a very strong way. More than I realized before. So there's more than one reason for me to speak up for a free (free as in free speech) internet.

So... what will I do this month?
I will work. I will procrastinate. (Heck, I procrastined even writing this article. I played kingdom rush, I talked to my friend, helping him finding some verses from the bible about door-knocking, I showed a comedy video about the struggled of being a woman in our society to my wife, I played some more kingdom rush.) But I will also learn and create.

So here are my rules for this month.

I write everyday at least 200 words.
I write everyday about something you have learned today.
Everthing I write, must be written between 0:00 and 24:00 on that day. Pre-writing does not count.

To help me accomplish this, I will rewrite my BIBEL-lesen Web App to a mobile web app, using *drum rolls please*, AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova. I will have to implement some simple backend service, for user accounting and "cloud" syncronization. I will get bonus points, If I manage to make it work with some more motivation stuff like achievements. I will also get bonus points if I manage to set up a welcome page.

I will get in charted waters with those. But why I do this. It will be horrible. And awesome. Both. But horrible first.

So long,


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