Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today I learned: I expect too much.

When you asked me about how I feel in the last weeks, I would say: I am discontent. I often was angry about myself, about the world, about crappy programming languages, about computer equipment, just about everything, no matter whether it makes sense or not.

Today, I thought a little bit about myself and how my sadness, and anger comes. I think, a major source of my no-good feelings are: a way too high, way too many expectations.

So I have to change my strategy in approaching my tasks.

Instead of dealing with failures, that some things take longer than expected, hence not being able to check off each and every item on my personal to-do list each day, I will simply choose to for an amount of a fixed time on a specific issue.

Instead of "making that super new feature work", I note: "Work for one hour on super new feature"

Tomorrow, I will report how it worked out for me.

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