Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today I learned: I should choose my challenges wisely

I enjoyed this year. My monthly challenges helped me to get insights about myself. Challenges like not drinking alcohol or working out helped me to get to know myself. Challenges like spending time with kids showed me how hard it can be to set time for important things in life, when it's filled with clutter.

I think I enjoyed none of these challenges. And neither I enjoy writing this article. I would prefer watching that movie next to my wife than watching that movie next to my wife writing this article on my smartphone.

I know some of my friends think my self-chosen challenges are stupid. Day, I think so, too. Tomorrow, I'll maybe think differently.

So, I know that my challenges were not enjoyable. But I enjoyed the outcome. And next year, I will find new challenges. Probably I won't enjoy them. But I will enjoy the outcomes.

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