Sunday, November 30, 2014

Today I learned: Avoiding My Smartphone for One Months Seems Pretty Scary

I have decided, to set my smartphone aside for December.
This seemed pretty easy at first sight, but now it seems kinda frightening: I think, that some things will be more cumbersome.

I used to plan my day the night before on a smartphone. I wrote some articles for this blog on my smartphone. I used to make note on my smartphone. Almost all my appointments are made on my smartphone. Almost all of my ideas are captures on my smartphone. Much of my communication is run via WhatsApp, so almost exclusively on my smartphone. Much of distractions are also from smartphone: Reddit, messages, notifications. Sometime silly, but also fun games.

So, my smartphone is something I use everyday. More than I realized before.
And this step is now something frightening.

I will have to rely on my computer to plan my day (I need notifications for my tasks). I will have to take my notebook (not the computer, I mean the thing you write on) to make notes. I will have to rely on email (on my computer), and SMS for async communication. Feels a little bit like 2004.

Anyway, I'm glad not having to write anymore articles everyday. But somehow, I liked it. It forced me to reflect every day on what happened, what I have learned. It kinda rocked.

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