Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Car for short distances in June. And rising early in July.

So, last month I promised not to use a car for distances shorter than three kilometers. And I kept it.
It was no big deal, since most of the grocery shoping was handled by my wife. There was nearly no rain here in june, so there was not even much temptation to use a car. A fairly simple challenge, that was (to say it Yoda-style).

This month I decided to rise early. This means before 5 am. Some of my friends will say: but you said, that you won't watch videos for entertainment. Yes, I did. And will keep this promise, but not now but in august. Why this change? Because of the FIFA world cup. I just would like to watch some games.

And one more thing: In case of extreme sleep deprivation, I will allow myself of sleeping longer than 5 am. One time. And I have to announce it (at one the night before, at least to my wife).

So... I would like to go to bed. Now. (Yeah, it's only 9 pm, but I want to wake up early.)
I guess, this month will be a huge lifestyle shift from my lifestyle before.

Let's bring it on!