Saturday, November 22, 2014

Today I learned: Give Up Your Goal For Something Better

Today, I originally planned to write something extremely boring about some stuff almost nobody cares about.

During a conversation, a friend said to me, that it's shortly before midnight. I should have written my article by now, but I haven't. My first thought, in the middle of something, that just got pretty interesting, was to rush to my notebook and scribble something down, just to get my article finished.

But then, I realized that this would be stupid. So I participated in this wonderful conversation. We discussed about thankfulness, how it affects your mind, why it helps you through the day, why it helps you in your communication with others. We discussed about thinking, how seeking the positive in everything, even in the negative.

It was a great discussion with wonderful people.

Something, I would have missed if stayed straight on my not-so-important self-chosen challenges.

So, in doubt, I would like to choose the action with people talking about important things involved.

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