Monday, November 3, 2014

Today I learned: There are some people in this world, actually making money with clicking links.

I begin to hate this month's challenge. I am tired and have absolutely no interest in writing this article. But I have to.

So, let's talk about someone, who approached me with an idea for a web site. Something, that allows you to make money with ad selling, but is not a scam (like many current websites, that promise to make money by selling or even viewing ads.)

It works like this: You buy (with real money) some ads, by a company, which guarantees you, that real people will watch your ad (sometimes even for a guaranteed time). They want premium prices for that. And they pay those people. Sometimes even $0.0005 per view.

Realizing that, it's clear, that there must be a some sort of multiplier. Getting paid one bloody cent for filling at least 20 captchas, clicking through some odd landing pages (yes, seriously, the person approaching me with this idea exactly this), just to view twenty extremely boring ads, wasting at least 10 minutes of your life (that's how it would approximately take to view twenty ads), making 6 cents a hour is not really a luxury income. The person approaching me, uses automation tools for filling in forms. She said: "Filling all those captchas out manually, I don't do that. That's something for people for those who really have NOTHING to do.". Did I mention, that she is unemployed?

And there is a multiplier: multi-level marketing like downline, in which you get paid for the viewing actions of those "under" you, can make it a little bit more attractive, sometime even earning 100s of dollars a month.

So, what did I reply? I was not really interested in implementing something like that. By implementing this, I surely would learn a ton. Especially about money transfer APIs of banks. It may be a cool opportunity to acquire valuable new skills.
But I wondered: When should I do this? I am already stressed out chasing all those ideas in my head.

This world is full of great opportunies. Tempus fugit.  Choose wisely.

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