Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So, what to do in 2016?

I have a hard time deciding what to do.  There are so many options. Waaaaah!

Should I learn a new language? A new programming language? Some frameworks? An instrument? Juggling? How to solve the rubics cube?

The possibilities are nearly endless.

So, what is really important to me?

My family is. Getting better at things I love to do. Getting my shit together. Living a healthy live.

So, my priorities for the upcoming year:
  • I want to live healthier than the passing year. I want to look at the mirror and not think about the beer belly I have to look at. Hence I want to lose weight. Not something too crazy. But by June 30th, I want to weight 75kg. (Last time I stood on the scale, it showed something like 86+ kg).
  • I want to build stairs in my garden so that the front part is not just a piece of mud anymore. I want to finish that project by 30th of September. Wake me up, when September ends.
  • I want to clean up my house. Yep. I want a clean basement. I want t clean living room. Yes, I know I have kids. Yes, I hate hate hate hate messy places. Anyway: The rules that seem appealing for me are:
    • Nothing lies on the floor
    • Every item I am responsible for has a designated place to "live".
    • Cleaned up before 28th of February.
Actually, those are the first three items for this year. There's a lot more at my "to do later list". See last year's resolution. See my "watch later" playlist on YouTube. See "to be sorted" folder on my Desktop. It all can wait. First the things I wrote here.

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