Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March without alcohol and April's workout / being outside

Hi everybody,

the month called March is behind us, April Fools is also history, for the most parts.
So, I've drank absolutely no alcohol last month. Well, that's not really true. I drank some of that:
One sip of beer shortly after midnight on February 1st, just because I forgot that it was already after midnight.
And I had a sip of whiskey because I took a sip of coke, which my cousin place at my table. But because it was his coke, he drank it his way: refined with some classy whiskey.

So I did not drink alcohol because I wanted to drink alcohol. And although I expected at least some sort of detox effects, there weren't any. I had no cravings, I did not think "Oh boy, I wish, I could drink alcohol.". So it was really easy.

Benefits of refraining from alcohol:

  • You don't become drunk and make bad decisions
  • None
  • Really, no real downsides. You can go party and have a great time without. Really.

What wasn't easy was drinking only water and avoiding soft drinks:
Making two expections per month didn't work for me: From "most days" I went pretty quickly to "some days" to "every now an then". That's an aspect of me I didn't know too well before.

So what I've learnt so far about me (and probably everyone else, too):

It's easy to keep performing an action for a limited time, based only on willpower. It's nearly impossible to do that forever. Forcing a permanent change in one own's behavior, but rely solely on willpower is a losing strategy.

This month, I will on each day either work out for at least half an hour or work outside for one hour.
Today, I was outside, preparing stuff for my garden. It was not that easy, but I did not expect it to be.

So, have a great April!

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