Saturday, March 1, 2014

Drinking in February And Not Drinking in March

Last month I drank at least two liters of water each day.

As far a I remember, not a single day was really easy: There was always some pressure on me. Sometimes I felt like I procrastinated drinking water, so that I rushed drinking all that water I needed to drink for that day in one take. Certainly not the best way to handle things.

Surprisingly, I did not miss drinking juices or softdrinks. I just did not need it. That part was really easy.


A benefit is, that digestion works better when you have enough water for it.


One downside of this process, is that it sometimes felt weird. I felt weird, when I walked in into the McDonalds, ordered a menu, but instead of cola, to take water. Another downside is, that my stomach makes slightly embarrasing sounds when filled with fluids only.

Despite all the negative aspects, I will keep it up, drinking two liters of water each day. No juices, no softdrinks. But I will allow myself two cheat days every month, where I can drink as much cola as I want, and do not have to drink any water.

March: No alcohol.

I expect this to be fairly easy. Alcohol is not much of a problem for me, so that should be no really a problem.

And yeah, thank you for all the support so far! It's a great self-challenge journey so far!

Let's bring it on.

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