Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Deactivated My Facebook Account

I deactivated my facebook account. One year after reducing my amount of so-called friends on facebook, I decided to let go of facebook. At least for one month, period.

Why? Because facebook does not add much real value to my life. When I look closely at the content which my acquaintances on facebook write, it's entertaining for short period of time, at best. And just a waste of time, at worst. And just because some clicks on a button, or writes a comment, doesn't mean he or she genuinely cares about what you write: I told somebody something he actually already knew, because I wrote something about that on facebook. We had a short conversation about that topic on facebook. But when talking face-to-face, I realized, that he already has completely forgotten about that. Probably becuase he just doesn't care. On the other hand: The things I talked to him in person about, he did still remember, more than one year later.

Facebook is also a tool of shallow, but instant gratification. They will never implement a dislike button, just to keep the experience as positive as possible. The worst thing, that can happen, after you wrote something or uploaded a picture, is that nobody replies. But it's likely that some of your "friends" will click that button, to express he likes that. And boom: there's you instant gratification. And instant gratification is how addictions work, especially the internet addiction.

It's quite noteworthy, that facebook tries very hard to stay active. So they present you this text:

Yeah, sure.
All my 67 friends will no loger be able to keep in touch with me. Oh, really? Most of these friends have my e-mail adress, my phone number, the knwo where I live. And if they don't: It's not hard to find out. I wonder, how many people actually believed that.

So, I think, I will miss nothing. And if I do, it won't be important.

And yeah, this one-month-abstinence from facebook is also to fight my mild facebook addiction: Although I also deactivated my facebook account on my phone, I wanted to check status updates on it today.

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