Thursday, February 21, 2013

Redesign Of A Church Youth Group Logo

We started here:

This Logo was in use on various flyers, mainly on invitation flyers. But I think, this logo has too many problems: It's motion blur effect is just cropped, The font is hard to read, even harder to remember, the explanation "Brothers and Sisters in Christ" was hard to read, too. The font was just too messy, either. So I wanted to make a new logo

That's what I came up with. In the process I had too much overthinking going. Finally came up with this Ubuntu-like C. It's symbolizes two people, which leave a open gap, just as a welcoming symbol.

Then I added some coloring. The original coloring was a good idea, to have a bright, full saturation bunch of colors, to symbolize freshness and joy. But I experimented nevertheless with some other colors. It sucked.

I had to turn to more light, vibrant colors. I ordered them like in the rainbow, to achieve more harmony. I hope they like it.

But I guess, to make it perfect, I will need to work on the C a little bit more.

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