Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Month Without an Smartphone

This month was sometimes weird, sometimes it just sucked and sometimes I did not miss a thing.

The Good
  • Its easier to focus on conversations with the other person when you're not constantly distracted by some notifications and habit-shaping glances on your phone.
  • It's easier to realize what's happening around you
The Bad
  • I did miss an appointment because I did not take a look at my calendar that day. So I disappointed one person, who did need my help.
  • My online communication via WhatsApp was nonexistent this month. So I might miss something urgent. But I think, if it might be something important (not to be confused with urgent), The people had plenty of other ways to contact me.
  • I forgot my phone way more often at home than before. One time it resulted in a awful misunderstanding between me and my wife. This sucked so much.
The Ugly
  • My wife uses Pintrest since yesterday. It did suck up about one hour on my life to stare on her screen.
  • Writing text messages with T9 sucks so much, I will never miss it any more. I have to admit, I really hated it.
  • I still wasted some time with playing a silly game (coded in Java for Embedded Systems, good old times).
  • I tend to adopt an "better-than-thou"-attitude. "Hey, you still use a smartphone? You social outcast instant-gratification monkey!". That is a attitude I really had to watch out for and capture it, not letting any room to breathe.

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