Friday, September 12, 2014

Playing with my new 50mm/f1.8

Wow. I really underestimated how much fun portraits can be with this small lens.
And I underestimated how precise you have to focus to not total ruin the shot.

Here are some of the better shots I made yesterday and today.

My Son. See the blur, starting right behind his eyes.

I really like this one. I looooove the narrow focused area: Only the boys face are focused. The rest lives in a soft blur.

Some pseudo-macro.

Playing. It's kinda hard to shoot moving targets. But when it works, it works greatly.

One more try on macros.

Got a moving target.

Combination of movement and macro
Here, one more marco. What I really like about this lens, is it's great high aperture. Just take a look at this image.

These photos are not retouched in any way. Now compare these photos to the one below, shot last year with my normal 3.5 - 5.6f.

This is from an 3.5-5.6f lens

I just wanted to show how great the difference a low-aperture lens can make in every day.

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