Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 5 Movie Soundtracks for Programming

5: Lord of The Rings - May It Be

This one is a calm one. Enya is always great for programming. This one is very relaxing when It's great for something slow like waiting for the finish of compiling or some upload to finish.

4: Gladiator  - Now We Are Free

This is a calm one. It helps me to regain focus when it starts to slip away. I become more focused when hearing this song. I think about why I'm doing the stuff I do and hence knowing. This software may be hard to implement now -- but it's be the right thing to do it and not giving up.

3. Transformers - Arrival To Earth

I like this one. It's calm. It's motivating. It's heroic. Great for typing. Great for refocusing. Great for thinking. Great for programming.

2. Iron Man - Driving With The Top Down

This is a burner. It love to hear this song after some intense thinking resulting in a great idea. This song is great at keeping your typing speed at a high level. :) It's just like having fought an evil enemy, being victorious and now flying home at super-sonic speed.

1. The Dark Knight - Like A Dog Chasing Cars

I love this one. It's darker, more serious, and even more pushing than any of the songs before. It's great for working at the highest pace possible, typing as fast as possible, exactly knowing what you're doing. Programming when hearing this song makes you feel like a super hero saving the world by creating the best software ever seen.

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